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Hope    You    Enjoy    The    Links    As    Much    As    I    Have

The links you will find on this page are some of my personal favorites that I have found while surfing the Wonderful World Wide Web. I spend many hours exploring and learning with this wonderful invention "The Computer" with the assistance of the people who place their pages of knowledge on the www for all of us to find and enjoy.

The Web is much more then a technological innovation. It promises to be the catalyst for one of the greatest social revolutions the world has ever seen. The Web is an empowering tool. On the Web, everyone is equal. Products from the world's largest manufacturers receive no more or less attention than those of the smallest. The opinions of starving college students are as accessible as those of the highest government officials. Information is delivered directly into the hands of the people - unfiltered, uncensored, and previously unseen. Every cause and political action group in America has a 24-hour voice on the World Wide Web, drowning out ABC, CNN, NBC and CBS.

Surprisingly, the Web does not have the feel of competition. Instead, it is characterized by cooperation: people helping people, giving some small part of themselves, as it were, back to the Net. I am continually amazed at the amount of time that knowledgeable and busy experts spend on the Net helping others to learn their particular field - people they've never met, who can offer little back, and who may even compete with them down the road. Without this cooperation, much of modern technology would never have come to pass, including the Web itself.

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MrHugs1's Top Picks for Surfing Pleasure

Anne Frank Online
Story of the Holocaust as seen through the eyes of a Young Girl in hiding.
America Off Line
A spoof on America on Line, lots of fun
Dell's Daily Puzzle
A little mental excercise brought to you by Dell.

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